Small Penis: Sex Positions Can Matter

Guys with a small penis often feel like they’re operating at a disadvantage. So much emphasis is placed on the size of endowment that many men worry their careful attention to good penis health, sexual caring, bedtime conduct and other attributes get discounted. For bedroom Romeos who pack a slightly smaller package, sometimes the trick is in knowing what sex positions are best suited for a modest man. With everything else being equal, the choice of sex positions can help a small penis achieve big results.

Size is not everything

First, of course, it’s important to once again emphasize that penis size is simply not the most important factor in a couple’s sexual life. There are plenty of men with monster-sized appendages that don’t perform satisfactorily, and many dudes with four-inch erections that send their partners into regular fits of ecstasy. Skill, not size, is ultimately more important from a physical standpoint, and caring and sharing are more important in terms of the emotional side of sex.

A man with skills and the knowledge of what sex positions prepare him for best results is way ahead of many other men. And what are some of the sex positions he might want to try?

- Outside-in missionary. In the traditional missionary position, the man lies between the woman’s spread legs. In this variation, the woman spreads only enough for the penis to be inserted. The man places his legs outside the woman’s. With the man further up on top, he is able to angle his penis so that it reaches further into the woman.

- The fan. The man starts out standing behind the woman. She bends over from the waist, onto a chair, couch, bed, table, etc. and rests her weight on her forearms. Ideally, her posterior should be elevated in this position. The male enters from behind, at a pleasing angle. The male should also be encouraged to use his free hands to appropriately stimulate the sensitive parts of the female.

- Magic mountain. Pillows make this one of the more comfortable sex positions for a woman. After piling three or four of them on top of each, the female kneels and leans forward over the pillows. The male places his legs outside her legs and enters her while leaning over the woman. The female is in a position to tighten her vagina by squeezing her legs together, thus providing extra friction.

- Reverse cowgirl. Although this position has gotten some bad press due to injuries some men have received, if used with proper care it can be a boon for a man with a small penis. The man lies on his back. The woman sits on top of him, facing away from him. Leaning forward, she grinds and raises herself. This position gives the woman extra control; many women find it optimum for clitoral stimulation.

- Deckchair. The man sits and stretches his legs out wide, then he leans back slightly, resting his weight on his arms. (Go to the gym and work on that upper body strength for this one, men!) With her head resting on a pillow, the woman lies down, face up, and places her legs on the man’s shoulders, then lowers her hips to his crotch and inserts his penis. This position is another that gives the female control over depth and speed.

These sex positions can help a man with a small penis score big points. But to really impress, every man needs to utilize a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) regularly. Select one with L-arginine, an amino acid which helps increase receptivity of blood flow to the penis. It also helps if the crème contains vitamin C. This popular vitamin plays a role in development of collagen, which helps keep the penis tissue ready and available for expansion.